Artists, Engineers, Racers & Boaters
Tinkerers, Makers and Wayward Craft Floaters!

Even if you don't speak Hammer & Saw you are hereby invited to create and/or decorate a slough-worthy vessel that will participate in the
2017 Rivertown Revival’s Grand Revival Boat Regatta!

We make it super easy with ideas, FAQs, and even step-by-step instructions to build a pontoon boat using a water-tested design and simple materials. This pre-designed and inexpensive craft can be assembled in one weekend and decorated the next, but don't wait til the last minute!

At the Revival Boat Regatta all manner of shiply vessel will soon turn a rudder and moves down the slough! It’s a diverse parade of artistic expression, and we’d love for you to add your oars!
Participate in two ways:

Revival Boat Contest & Review

1st Place Prize of $500 - Individuals and Teams
1st Place Prize of a 2018 RR Sponsorship - Corporate Teams
($5,000 value includes all benefits of a Commodore Sponsorship)

Race Around the Slough

1st Place Prize of $500 - Green Powered Vessels

Fill out the entry form below, or for more info, DOWNLOAD the Revival Boat Invitation Packet, with event details, how-to's, photos, timelines and construction ideas!

Grand Revival Boat Regatta

The Boat Regatta is part of a whole slew of fun happening on the water at the Revival, to include:

  • The Grand RR Flotilla & Review
  • The Race Around the Slough
  • Public voting for the favorite Revival Boat
  • Breaking for music at the Barn Stage
  • Trophy Presentations

Trophy Presentations & Prizes

  • Judging and voting occurs during The Grand RR Flotilla and the Race Around the Slough.
  • Wow our judges and the festival attendees with your artistic and engineering brilliance and participate in a lap around the course!
  • We will hand out two 1st Place trophies for "Best in Show" : one for Individual/Teams and one for Corporate Teams. 
  • We will also award one 1st Place trophy to the winner of the Race Around the Slough, for the fastest green powered boat.

Race Rules, Information, and Random Facts

  • We welcome any decorated boat to join the fun! Any “green” powered (human, paddle, or green energy) decorated boat can join the Grand RR Flotilla and Race Around the Slough.
  • In the true spirit of the race, be inventive, artistic, and outrageous in your design. Just make sure your vessel will float!
  • You must be sober. That means no alcohol or drugs will influence you or your vessel’s behavior.
  • Tides, wind and wakes are to be reckoned with. Wind picks up in the afternoon (good for sails, hard for paddlers)
  • Your vessel is your responsibility, not the Rivertown Revival’s; keep an eye on her. Your vessel entry number must be visibly placed on your craft.
  • It's the team’s responsibility to remove any vestiges of vessel by 3pm on Sunday, July 23.

Human Powered Boat Rules:

  • We welcome peddle powered, paddle powered, or otherwise human powered vessels.
  • There are no restrictions on boat size.
  • Themes and costumes are encouraged!
  • PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) are highly encouraged and mandatory if a crew member is under the age of 16.
  • A bucket or pump must be on board if there is ANY chance your vessel might sink.
  • All vessels must have a length of rope for retrieval and towing purposes.

Green Energy Boat Rules:

  • No internal combustion engines allowed regardless of fuel type.
  • Electric powered craft are limited to 18 volts max output of battery source. No off the shelf electric outboards, unless modified. For example, control unit must be separated from motor prop unit and mounted as two separate units.
  • If your power is steam, your fuel must be alcohol.
  • Drive systems can be prop, air jet, water jet, water or air wheel, rubber band, or any other creative means of propulsion, as long as all other rules are followed.
  • A small, working fire extinguisher must be on the craft if there is ANY chance your boat might catch fire.