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The Whiskeydrome

The Whiskeydrome

 Whiskeydrome is back! It produces furiously exciting races on an open fence track only five feet high and 26 feet in diameter. A 4-6 man crew will provide a daring show, marvelous tricks and fancy riding.

Calling ALL Friends

Calling ALL Friends

CALLING all Friends -- we have still have available shifts for our Volunteer Check-In duty!

The Weather Gods

The Weather Gods

It looks like the weather gods are on the Revival's side.

Free Bus Rides on Petaluma Transit

Petaluma_Transit_logo Petaluma Transit and RR have partnered to provide an eco-conscious and practical transportation alternative to this year’s event and the best part – its FREE!

Riders can take Bus Route 1, 11, and 24 and exit at the Copeland Transit Centers (transfers are available to these routes) and the bus drivers are happy to assist you in navigating your trip.

For a complete bus route schedule visit or for trip planning which can also be found on the PT’s home page.


Calling All Rivertown Revivalists

RR - Email Header -Volunteer1  

Volunteer Sign-ups are Here!

It’s time to muster up for duty for the Revival, which will be coming to town on Saturday, July 18, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

This event is 100% fueled by our fabulous volunteers, (or VIPs as we prefer to call ‘em!} We hope you will join us this year to celebrate The Greatest Slough on Earth!

All VIPs receive free admission, two drink coupons, an RR VIP t-shirt, and access to the VIP tent, where the deck hands on duty will treat you with refreshments, shade and the best seats on the Peninsula! Most of all, you get to be a part of the wonderful community!

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Dave DiFalco's Transporter

Dave DiFalco puts the final touches on his creation, "The Transporter"Dave built this for people that need a little help getting down the dirt path. Thank you Dave!