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Rivertown Revival Website Is Alive!!

Rivertown Revival Website Is Alive!!

Check it out! Our new website is live and we're pretty excited to make this year's festival the Bestest, "Greatest Slough on Earth"!

Pedal Paddle- Meet one of our Double Crown Entries

We're thrilled about Todd Barricklow's entry into the Art Boat Races- this one qualifies as a double crown entry, as it will also be entered into the Great Handcar Regatta!

Todd Barricklow is a fine artist in Santa Rosa, CA, who creates works of everyday objects and pop culture in ceramics, sgraffito, wood, paper, metal and kinetic sculpture. See his website:

If you're interested in entering your floating creation, click over to our Artboat Application Form.

A Call to Creative Minds- 5 Weeks to Build Your Artboat!

Rivertown Revival is just 5 weeks away - there's still JUST enough time to get your theme, your team, and your designs in order for your entry!  Whether a cleverly festooned racing boat or a slow floating art barge, the river will be your canvas for creating and displaying your talents.  Learn more here: RR_Artboatpacket2011