Kevin Clark

grew up in Petaluma, California and studied art and business at Sonoma State University. After trying his hand at sales in the family business for a few years Kevin realized that art was his true passion, so for the last 20 years Kevin has been designing and building restaurants and bars in the Bay Area as well as large scale, metal, interactive sculptures for Burning Man and other music and art festivals, like Rivertown Revival.

Most of Kevin’s work incorporates the element of fire in them which only adds to the drama of their majestic size and beauty. With his brother Dustin, Kevin also owns three full service hair salons which he also designed and built and which contain more of his wonderful sculptures.

Since he loves creating spaces where people can hang out and interact with his art, several of Kevin’s pieces have appeared at Rivertown Revival over the years, like the now beloved Rhino Car and last year’s Flower Tower which made a fantastic wedding chapel for our popular $5 Weddings!