The Dreamer Mural Butterflies

The Dreamer Mural Butterflies

was founded by Rema Makaryan. With support from Montgomery High School, ArtStart Santa Rosa and the Petaluma Art Center, the project has gained momentum and now has a strong team effort. The team includes: Violet Wang, Lineli Cruz, Mallak Ali, Lani Wongkar, Molly Zhou, Imani Pierre, Maya Grini, Rema Makaryan. They are all local High School Students.

The project will be participating in the Rivertown Revival. The YAC members are working with Margaret (RR Art coordinator) to install approximately 10 butterflies along the side of the David Yearsley Barn.

This is great opportunity for the project to gain more attention as the “Butterfly” team moves toward finalizing locations for the butterflies throughout Sonoma county and beyond.

In the next phase of this project, each butterfly will have a QR code linking it to a story of an immigrant family or an individual coming to Sonoma County.

The YAC team has led the project by independently organizing all aspect of the project. They have demonstrated a consistent vision and work ethic. They continue to organize and move the project forward. PAC has provided administrative support and logistical planning.

ArtStart has provided the project with initial materials and space to execute the creating of the butterflies.