Rea & Dan

Meet one of Rivertown Revival's 2013 Wedding Couples!

Dan and I met at The Evergreen State College in Washington Sate. We quickly became best friends through long walks along the Puget Sound, crafting and flying kites as well as building furniture forts in my living room.

Our friendship turned to love April of 2009 and we've been inseparable ever since.

Together we moved ourselves and our two cats to Washington D.C., where his family lives, for the great adventure of it all. Here I run a YMCA academic after school program while Dan is studying at Gallaudet University to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. On Thanksgiving Day 2012 Dan drove us to Calvert Cliffs, a beautiful cliff side at the Chesapeake Bay. It was here, over a picnic lunch, that Dan asked me to marry him! I was thrilled! After a long walk we drove to his parents home, which was filled with his family for the holiday, and announced our news. Everyone was elated!

Because of the distance between my family (Washington and Nevada) and his (New York and D.C.) people began asking about our plans from the moment we made our announcement. Feeling as though we were caught in the middle of the country we began looking at elopement ideas.

We knew the opportunities Vegas offered for those wishing to elope but we were not sure we wanted something so popular. After some research I found hitching posts, one in Idaho and one in North Carolina but neither were really our style. Honestly I spent hours and hours over courses of days on the internet searching for words such as, "elopement, hitching post, cheap weddings, etc." I eventually found a video of an elopement and after watching it my heart sank because I knew eloping was not what I truly wanted. I didn't want to have our first kiss as husband and wife conclude our special day. I wanted people to be there and people to celebrate with!

Finally, while browsing through the internet I found an article on Guerilla Weddings on the website A Practical Wedding, there were two stories written about the Rivertown Revival and their $5 wedding booth. I knew instantly that my dream wedding had just presented itself to me. No stress, no worries, and all fun!

Once presented with the most amazing wedding venue, I ran with the adventure of it all, together Dan and I have planned a fifty day road trip from D.C. and back all around this great country of ours, and getting hitched along the way! We are visiting each and every family and friend that we have as well as some of the most amazing cities we have only heard of! We are staying in a few of the most unusual hotels and stopping at all of the really unique attractions! It is a dream come true for the both of us and I cannot thank the Rivertown Revival for offering such a perfectly unique opportunity to escape from the superficialness of that which can be tradition wedding planning and turning ours into the adventure of a life time!

If anyone is interested in checking out our trip and our stops they can look at our wedding website!