The Rivertown Revival is proud to announce our official team- up with renowned and tireless promoters of local music... Josh Windmiller and The North Bay Hootenanny!

The Hootenanny (www.northbayhootenanny.com) has been very active in promoting North Bay musicians over the past three years.  These are the folks responsible for the music at the Handcar Regatta, the Gran Fondo, the "This Train" Woody Guthrie Folk Fair, and loads of other local music events.  The Hootenanny recently received a Boho Award for the many hours they have put into developing our local music scene (read about it here:  http://www.bohemian.com/northbay/honoring-the-arts/Content?oid=2320926&storyPage=2).

Last year, we happily joined forces with Josh and his crew to bring top-notch local musicians to three stages at the Revival.  This year, we are looking forward to bringing the event to the next level with even more new musical experiences and a fresh roster of dazzling performers!  Keep checking www.rivertownrevival.com for updates...

And so, with Mr. Windmiller and the Hootenanny on board, we are ready to book the best year of music yet at the Rivertown Revival!  Let's get started...

  • Artists - We are ready for you!  Please fill out our performer application to be considered for one of our stages!
  • Volunteers - We need folks to help out at our stages!  Please fill out our volunteer application and we will put you to work!

Welcome aboard, North Bay Hootenanny!  This year's event just got even more exciting...!