Daily Acts and Petaluma-based Rivertown Revival launch a branch of the successful 350 Home and Garden Challenge: Rivertown Gardens

Daily Acts and Rivertown Revival announce Rivertown Gardens, a call to action. Transform your lawn into a water-saving and food-producing garden, and fly a Rivertown Revival nautical flag to signify your love of our River. In honor of Petaluma’s 154th year, Daily Acts and Rivertown Revival invite Petaluma residents to produce 154 water-wise, edible Petaluma “Rivertown Gardens.” Register your garden as part of the 350 Home and Garden Challenge by May 13th online, and join thousands of other Sonoma County residents growing food, saving water, conserving energy, and building community!

Rivertown Gardens is an invitation to the Petaluma community to link your home garden actions to the wellbeing of our watershed. Take on any number of actions and register them online so we can see the impact of all of us working collectively for the health of our river and community. Here are some of the many ways to get involved in the Challenge: install a greywater system; create a rain garden; divert your downspouts; grow your own organic food; and/or transform your thirsty lawn into an edible ecosystem. Each one of these simple actions increases the health of our watershed by reducing toxins, reducing demand on city water resources, and increasing mindfulness about where our water comes from and where it goes when it leaves our property.

“I was thrilled when Erin Axelrod, programs manager for Daily Acts, approached us about this partnership. One of Rivertown Revival’s primary goals is to build community projects that reflect our town’s wonderful culture and spirit. What better way than to partner with Daily Acts’ 350 Home and Garden Challenge?” says Kelin Backman, event director for Rivertown Revival. “We are celebrating our heritage while taking a stand for our future.”

In addition to water- and energy-saving projects taking place all across Sonoma County May 12-13, Petaluma-featured 350 Home and Garden Challenge projects will include:

  • A Rivertown Garden at the David Yearsley River Heritage Center
  • A 4,000 square foot lawn transformation at the Petaluma Valley Health Center that will become a model educational food garden, saving tens of thousands of gallons of water annually.

More information about Rivertown Gardens visit Daily Acts’ 350 Home and Garden Challenge